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Meet The Impression Obsession Artist - Gail Green!

Hi Everyone!

I'm Gail Green and you will find my art here.

If you love realistic, silhouette or sweet, whimsical animals, nature and holiday images, you will find an abundance of stamps that will appeal to your stamping style!

You may also recognize my name from my books and magazine articles or know my art brand "Sweet PETatoes" from products that include pet scrapbook kits, stationery, quilt fabrics and more.

But....my true heart has always been in the craft/hobby industry.  Rubber stamping, paper crafts and exploring inky and other coloring techniques are my PASSION! 

While I do love my solitary creative explorations in my home studio, I especially love teaching, demoing and helping others gain confidence in their own creative abilities so they can take off and FLY into their own creative realms!

I'm an empty nester but am always entertained by antics of our Border Collie (Lacy Lulu) and craft-loving Eclectus parrot (Ollie the Monkeyman).  In fact, many of the stamps I draw or projects I create are done with Ollie sitting on my right shoulder, commenting as I stamp, color or hand draw at my studio desk or digitally complete stamp images at the computer!

You can also find me at  my blog. Beside creative projects, tutorials and links to creative stuff, I often include Ollie's adventures there. 

Now, just for some fun (and probably a green light for teasing from friends and family), some random quirks and facts about me:

  • I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE contemporary country music.  Good thing Ollie loves it, too because that's what we listen to most days.
  • I was born loving ALL types of vegetables, except I'm allergic to onions don't deal well with cilantro or okra.  My favorite veggies include lettuce (ALL kinds), rhubarb, asparagus, Brussel  sprouts, artichokes...actually never mind.  I just love everything veggie and I'm getting really hungry now just writing this.  Kind of funny that I am a rabbit in the Chinese Zodiac...
  • According to family sources, I never crawled.  I was too busy stringing and unstringing large colored wood beads and investigating color patterning.  One day another child took one of my beads and ran off with it....and I got up and ran after her. My mother almost fell over from shock.  
  • I spoke in complete sentences before I was a year old. (My family would respond that I haven't stopped talking since...)
  • I got much of my creative design skills from my grandmother, who was a dressmaker's dressmaker....and off-the-chart creative!   I also have the weird ability to fit things perfectly and precisely into any space...something I got from my engineer dad.  My mom, however, gave me her language writing/editing genes--a skill that comes in VERY handy when writing instructions and book or article manuscripts!  
  • I fell in love with stamping many years ago at a trade show.  I was tired from walking, saw an empty chair, sat down and picked up a stamp.  That was the beginning of a crazy ride that has lasted decades.  I was immediately hooked and STILL love stamping!

Working with a rubber stamp manufacturer like Impression Obsession is a dream come true.  Their quality is unsurpassed and it is an honor to be included in their catalog with so many other incredible stamp artists! 

Hope you all enjoy getting to know us! Gail