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New-look Website & Blog


I am thrilled to announce the launch of our new website and blog design. We've added many features to the website to make your shopping experience easier, including the following:

  • Sample card images attached to each stamp. If we have samples for a particular stamp, we've added them to the actual product listing so they are easy to find. 
  • Wish Lists. We have installed a new wish list feature that allows you to shop on the site and save items to your list so you can retrieve them later. You may also save your entire shopping basket to a wish list. It's a great way to mark stamps (or samples) you'd like to reference later.
  • Order History. Now your order history with us is online including tracking information.
  • Improved Search Function. We have added keyword searching to make searching for particular stamps easier.
  • Gift Certificates. We've added gift certificates as a product so you can purchase them in $25, $50, and $100 denominations.
  • New Products. By popular demand we have added Colorbox Fluid Chalk ink pads AND reinkers to the site. We are stocking the entire line of these pads as we use them so often with our Cover-a-Card background stamps. We have also added Action Wobble springs to the site as well (see below for a special offer).
  • Interface Improvements. There are other improvements to the shopping interface including breadcrumbs (you can see which categories a stamp is in), a mini-basket listing on the main screen, a "continue shopping" link in the shopping basket so you can pick up where you left off after adding items to your basket, and more...

I encourage you to take a look around the new site to see the improvements for yourself.

From now until Memorial Day (Monday, May 28) at midnight we are offering free shipping on all orders over just $15.00 and a free pack of 5 Action Wobble springs with every order! (Free Shipping for US & Canada only, Action Wobbles will be included in ALL orders. Wholesale orders excluded.)

Shaking Shaker Card

If you haven't seen the Action Wobble springs in "action", here's a quick tutorial using one to make a shaker card that shakes:

  1. This card uses our shaker pouches, the new die that cuts frames for the shaker pouches, a Bib Card from The Paper Cut, and features a cute Zenspirations clear set called What A Hoot.

  2. I used a punched circle for the larger owl, but you can use just a scrap of white cardstock and trim around it once you've attached the shaker pouch (see step 7). I also used a small scallop punched circle for the smaller owl.  Stamp both owls in black and color them.


  3. Stamp the Sno Cone Bib Overlay with our rectangular Cover-a-Card Stars background using Colorbox Fluid Chalk Blue Iris. Stamp the sentiment on a white strip also.

  4. The new Circle Shaker Die cuts frames for both sizes of our shaker pouches.  We are using the small circle pouch for this card and when you cut the frame, a by-product is a solid circle which just happens to fit the circle on the bib card perfectly so we're using it as well. Assemble the card as shown.

  5. I'm using a confetti mix that has moons and different sizes of stars. Our shaker pouches are self-adhesive and the 1/4" "lip" that has the adhesive needs to be covered up.  We sell pre-cut overlays that cover it and now we have dies to make cute frames that cover it and allow you to place the shaker part anywhere on the card that you would like.

  6. When I use things inside the shaker that are not prone to roll around (like beads), I just pile them up in the center of the image (keep any inclusions away from the edges so that they don't get stuck in the adhesive, which breaks the seal and ruins your card).

  7. Peel off the adhesive strip (sometimes it's a little tough to get it off, I just flick the pad of my finger on the edge of the pouch until I catch it and peel it back).  CAREFULLY place the pouch over the image, being careful to center it (especially if you are using just a scrap of paper). You can swipe the inside with a baby wipe before peel off the adhesive to get rid of static if that's a problem. Once you've stuck it down you CANNOT move it so be careful.

  8. Now put adhesive ON THE LIP of the pouch. For this card I do this but if you're just doing a normal shaker card you can place the adhesive on the frame or overlay. Because this shaker pouch is going to move around on the card when it wobbles, any adhesive on the back might stick to the card and prevent it from moving.  I just used my tape runner and put little pieces of adhesive around the lip in 5 or 6 places.


  9. Place the frame over the pouch and adhere.

  10. Attach the Action Wobble piece to the back of the shaker (the Action Wobble has printed instructions on it as to which piece goes on the card and which goes on the "wobbling" piece). They are also self-adhesive on both sides of the wobble spring.


  11. And here's the finished card!

  12. Check out the video to see it in action!


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