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An Envelope For Any Size Card And Inside Decor Too!

Phoebe needs an envelope that will fit.  Ever had that problem?  A friend showed me some time ago what to do when that happens. After you've done it a couple of times you will be able to eyeball it and not bother with the measuring, etc.  Not only that, the Cover-A-CardTM stamps are great for the inside as a liner.  Below is a picture of the tools I used for this envelope.


1.  WIDTH - A piece of paper that is at least 2" wider than the card (Width) or Card Width+2", as shown above in the supply area.

2.  HEIGHT - I folded the bottom of the paper up past the middle of the card and brought the top portion down at least 1" over that folded up portion (for the flap).  This means Height X 2+1.0"

(Width = Card width + 2.0") and (Height = Card Height X 2 + 1.0")

Once I got used to measuring the width and folding over to make sure it overlaps, it got easier and easier.  In my case (5.5"+2.0" = 7.5" Width) and (5.0"X2=10"+1.0"=11.0").  It also means if I had wanted I could have used a piece of computer printer paper.  Because I make a lot of odd sized cards, I buy a ream of 11"X17" at the nearest office supply store 80lb. text weight.  Of course, I prefer Neenah Classic Crest Solar White, if they have it. 

3.  Crease Sides - After I cut the paper to the width and height I needed I made my creases.  It is really important the creases are very tight (flat):


  • I did the sides for the height first and used the card as my guide.  That way if I can allow for bows, pop dots, etc. 
  • Next using the first photo under height above, I folded my bottom upward and creased it along the bottom.
  • Next I did the top flap.

4.  Trim SIDES of BOTTOM and FLAP - I trimmed the extra from the bottom and flap sides and then rounded the corners with my punch as shown in the photos below:


  • Those tight creases I made helped me guide my scissors for a straight cut on the sides of the flap and bottom as shown.
  • The round corner punch is used on all but the bottom corners of the side flaps.

5.  Then I stamped the inside with Cover-A-Card Sketchy Flowers - CC093 and Brilliance Coffee Bean ink.


  • Next I taped the bottom flap on each side.  This causes less problems than doing the middle side flaps. 
  • Then I place my card inside the top portion with the side flaps on top and bring the bottom up to make the pocket.  (That way if I have 3D Pop Dots, etc. I can allow room, and because of my measurements and an 1" on each side of flap it's okay for a little 'give and take'.
  • Last, but not least, I use my ATG gun, etc. for the flap.

Below are samples I did of different corners for the inside and raised the stamped area up or down a little to show the different things you can do, depending on what you want.  If you would prefer the type of envelope that has a V flap, you would just turn your Cover-A-Card stamp so the corner would fit in the V and still fill a portion of the bottom inside of the card.

P1030876 P1030877

Below is the finished card and envelope from the outside.  The trim is leftover from when I made the card itself.


If you would like to see the stamps I used and how I created the card you can check that out HERE.

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial.  Have a great week and if you haven't joined in the current "Summer Fun In The Water and Sun Challenge", get busy out there.  Go HERE to find out the details and how your could win a $25 Gift Certificate for use in our New Online Store.

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