IO Holiday Gift Ideas Anyone?
It's Almost Challenge Time Again

Christmas Gift Challenge Participants So Far

Don't forget you still have until midnight tonight to send me photos of your gift ideas for this Christmas Gift challenge.  We have had 2 ladies who sent their gift ideas already and they are below:

First is Ulrike at Blonde Aquamarine's Cards.  She used one of Melissa Gordon's stamps, Candy Cane Chickadee - E7022.  It's a Chickadee Bell bird feeder.  It is made using a terra cotta pot and painted with acrylic colors. It will be finished by putting a rope through the hole of the pot and put some fat balls attached to it underneath. Then you hang it in a tree or bush for the birds.  How very pretty, clever, and creative!  Thank you so for participating in our challenge, Ulrike.  Check out her blog.  It is new as of this month.  Welcome to Blogland, Ulrike!


Our next participant is not new to our challenges.  She is Melisa Waldorf at Art From My Heart.  She has designed a gift bag that is a real keeper.  She used one of Leigh Hannan's stamps, Toasty Treats - E2342.  Melisa, it's lovely and thank you for your participation too.


Thank you both for the beautiful projects and gifts for Christmas.

Our new list of challenges should be here some time this next week.  I will be posting the dates so you can see what we will be doing ahead of the challenge.

Thanks again ladies for participating in our challenge and hope to see you in the next one too!  And thanks to all of you for stopping by to say hi!