News From The CHA Show
It's IO Challenge Thursday - Fall

New Products Are Listed In Online Store

The NEW PRODUCTS AND STAMPS are all listed in the online store.  Happy looking.  Let me know what you think.

As some of you might know or remember, I am currently working on updating all of the Photo Albums here.  You can go to them now and see most of the new cards designed by the DT.  I am still proofing for cut and paste errors, and adding them to Card Types (Christmas, Halloween, etc.) and Image Designers (Leigh Hannan, Gary Robertson, etc).  :-)  Thank goodness for spell check.  Now if they just had a cut and paste check.  LOL  The next part is narrowing down the albums so they aren't so confusing.  I would stick to the DT's albums at the top for now if I were you.

I will see you back her tomorrow for the Fall Challenge.  Don't forget to use IO stamps.  Thanks for stopping by to say hi!