CHA Is On It's Way And.......

I am so excited.  First, my box of new stamps arrived today and second, I can tell you what else is on its way!  See below a picture of one of many of Mitra's new Cover-a-Card™ stamps!!! They measure a full 5.75"X5.75", to quote Mitra,"so you can cover an entire A-2 card both horizontally and vertically.  These Clingable™ red rubber stamps come pretrimmed with soft gray cling cushion and are ready to use with any acrylic block. We think, however, that once you try our new Mega Mount™ (see facing page) with them you'll see just how easy and affordable it is to create your own background paper.  We're stampers aren't we? Stop buying expensive patterned paper in every color of dot and stripe available and customize your backgrounds to match your projects exactly!  


And once you know there's a stamp to cover every card with great patterns available, it's only natural you take a look at this:


Using traditional mounting methods, large stamps are awkward to hold and it is very difficult to get all parts of the stamp to transfer ink to paper, resulting in blotchy impressions and frustration. Our innovative new acrylic stamp handle is a full 6" x 6" to handle nearly any size image. It features an easy-to-hold handle that you won't drop onto your paper accidentally. A slightly curved surface transfers pressure to only part of the stamp at a time, ensuring a crisp and clean impression every time. Use the Mega Mount™ with our Clingable™ stamps, our clear stamps, our new Cover-a-Card™ background stamps or any other large stamps you have.

So there you have it people!!! What do you think?  Isn't this cool?  What I am going to do now is go to bed, but when I get up I am going to stamp my heart out and hopefully get back here with a technique tutorial using my new Cover-a-Card™ stamps and the images too of course!

There still more to come in the near future.  Mitra has really been coming up with great ideas for our convenience in stamping, and her's too of course!  Thanks for stopping by to say hi!  See you back here when I have cards of course!



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