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May 2007

IO Design Team

It's official and we now have a Design Team!  The deadline for applying was Sat. May 12 and we received submissions right up until 12:05 am. We received over 45 applications and it was definitely hard to reduce that number to only 9.  Well, it was supposed to be only 5, but things happen and luckily for those that applied, Mitra was willing to add a few more.  So, 9 new DT members it is and we can't wait to get started.  The artwork was fantastic and we hope to get a lot more of the same.  The emails notifying the winners have been sent. And now we have to finish getting those packages ready to go, but we are off to a great start and ready to get creative!

Our new design team members are:

Asela Hopkins

Daniela Dobson

Debbie Olson

Bernadette Henderson

Julie Koerber

Laura Fulcher

Melinda Doster

Penny Hajiantoni

Tina Werner

Congratulations, ladies...let's get started.

Design Team Deadline

WOW! We have received over 40 applications for our new Design team. The deadline is today and the applications are still coming in. We are hoping to announce our new DT members this week while not putting ourselves under too much pressure since we have a stamp show in Ocean City, MD to get ready for next weekend. We are amazed at the artwork that we are receiving and looking forward to working with the members that we choose and seeing what they come up with when they work with Impression Obsession stamps!  This is going to be a little hectic, but a lot of FUN!  Once our DT members have submitted samples for their first challenge, we will be posting their artwork on this site which means we will always have new ideas and samples for our customers to look at...and new ideas and samples are a good thing for everyone! We know you are going to love the new ideas coming from IO soon!